Dora’s Horrific Life With Donald Lucifer

Please read about Dora and her ex-husband, Donald Lucifier who is the King of Con. My chronology and future naratives and chronologies are based on a true story. All names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty. Places and specific dates have been changed as well. Please read my descriptions and updates of […]

Please read about Dora and her ex-husband, Donald Lucifier who is the King of Con. My chronology and future naratives and chronologies are based on a true story. All names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty. Places and specific dates have been changed as well. Please read my descriptions and updates of explanations of what happened with her plight against the California Court System. She will also be giving you frequent updates and welcomes your stories as well. If you have any similar experience, let me know:

  • In 1975, Dora Miller married Donald Lucifer (King of Con). He forbade her from seeing her best friend, Glinda for nearly twenty years. Donald told her to never see Glinda again, stating that “she is a terrible person”. Obviously, this is an untrue statement! The friendship resumed in approximately 2009 and continues to this day. While reading this chronology, it becomes obvious how the flawed California Court System becomes abused by lawyers, judges, respondents, petitioners, complainants and defendants. Unfortunately, one’s character becomes totally obvious when given the chance to “stray” from the ethical line.
  • In 1980, The multiple affairs began. Even if divorces in California were not dissolved through a community property split, the flawed California Court System benefits those who are rich and corrupt.
  • In 1984, The New Mismatic Attic began and is still in business with Dora’s ex-husband, Donald as the principal until she found out in 2019. At that time, Donald changed it to another name. Even so, the law would benefit him, not her.
  • In 1989, after years of research, Donald and his co-founder, Maurice Smith created a patent which began Dulcimer. Maurice and Donald created it as well as the 3D software. It is a brilliant concept and is still used today. Dora found out about this information in 2018.
  • In 1995, Jeb Davis, a fired employee from Dulcimer held Dora hostage, kidnapped and brutalized her all for the ransom of only $10,000 (aggravated kidnapping). Jeb was given a sentence of 13 years. Jeb physically caused so many injuries that hamper her to this day. Donald asked her, “What are you going to say to the sheriffs so we can say the same thing?” In addition, the final sheriff’s report were removed from her possession. She never saw it again. Maybe it was because Jeb and Donald were having a “bromance” according to Jeb’s then wife, Jane as told from an interview with my PI, Joe Manix. During the kidnapping, Jeb told Dora that Donald “was done with the marriage and that he wanted me dead.” She repressed what Jeb had told her about her Donald’s remarks, but recently recalled this after suppressing it for over twenty years due to her PSTD caused from the trauma of the aggravated kidnapping and my her abusive marriage. If Dora had known what the responses were to the “Jeb Davis Hostage Taking”, Dora would have told the District Attorney that there was more information. An interesting fact happened during that same year. Donald who owned Dulcimer set up an LLC for them to be part of Williams Industries, who they had been already working with. In fact, Dulcimer, was registered in Delaware and had the same business address as Williams Industries.. But, instead, Donald lied and told Dora “I am upset about Jeb and don’t want to have the company anymore” in order to throw her off the track!
  • In 1998, Dora’s ex-mother in-law, Priscilla, gave Donald $750,000 which she was unaware of until recently. In addition, Dexter Johnson purportedly paid Donald and Maurice back for their expenses (Donald for payroll and operating expenses and Maurice was paid back for his expenses.) This was stated in an interview with Dora’s PI, Joe Manix. Therefore, the flawed California Court System protected the wealthy once again. Now, ever since Dulcimer was “given to” Dexter, why is Maurice still the CEO to this day? and Dora’s ex-husband apparently “has nothing to do with the company”?
  • In 2009, Dora’s ex-husband stopped receiving money from Dexter Johnson according to my research. He now became Subsidiary President of a stand alone subsidiary of Williams Industries.. This was after Williams Industries acquired Dulcimer for approximately $124.8 million. Dexter was no longer the Managing Director. The same year, Donald paid for a “house, pool man, gardener, fancy computer, fancy jewlery, fancy gifts, furnishings, electricity, water, clothes, a full time maid, cook and gifts” according to an email from ex-husband for his fiancé’, Conchita Diablo who he was living with in Mexico. He provided these things as a gift which Dora was unaware of until recently. He further talked about it in another email that he was concerned about being sued for not paying any monies owed in Mexico. Also, during the same year, Williams Industries annual report states “Cash used for acquisitions totalled $124.8 million in fiscal 2009. The acquisitions of the Ohio Cereal Company, Dulcimer Systems LLC and Dulcimer Management LLC accounted for the majority of the cash used.” More of a chance to use the flawed California Court System for Donald, Mauricio and Dexter to divide the wealth that Dora was unaware of.
  • In 2012, Dora filed for divorce. Donald lied on the Assets and Debts during the divorce portraying the flawed California Court System because he got away with it. His lawyer was Kalinda Thomas. Her lawyer was Gloria Cruela Adams. Dora’s ex-husband copied her assets and debts form. Gloria asked him to amend it with his correct income. It says “amended” on it, but it never was amended. She withheld all versions until 2018 after she repeatedly asked for the form.
  • In 2013, Dora’s divorce was final. But, her problems didn’t end there. Gloria, Kalinda and Donald decided that my CALSTRS pension would not revert back to her after his death as originally promised. She receives half my pension instead of my whole pension which Gloria let happen even though she was aware that Donald would receive his two digit million dollar inheritance ($10 million or more) in a few years. Gloria, Kalinda and Donald used the flawed California Court System to their benefit and to my detriment.
  • In 2015, Donald received his $20,000 from his trust. Living Trusts’ beneficiaries were not revealed. If you are unscrupulous, beneficiaries and amounts of inheritance can be altered. This is another example of a flawed California Court System.
  • In 2017, Dora attempted to recoup my financial losses because she was owed money from her divorce according to the QDRO. Donald and his lawyer, Fred Moore attempted to keep her from getting what Dora was owed through unscrupulous maneuvers which portray once again, the flawed California legal system at its finest. In addition, Dora now began receiving half her pension as ordered and Donald retained the other half through negotiations with Gloria and Kalinda stemming from the Divorce in 2013. If the Assets and Debts were not withheld from me in 2013 by her first lawyer, this would never have occurred.
  • In 2018, Gloria withheld her Assets and Debts form from Dora, intentionally from 2013-2018. Dora repeatedly asked her for it. She finally begrudgingly relented, which took weeks and weeks to get because Gloria wouldn’t reply to my many requests. In fact, Dora believed that she originally withheld it from her in 2013, knowing that she never reviewed it. If Dora had seen the amended copy in 2013, Dora would have known that it never was amended and my ex-husbands assets were left out. The result to this day is that my pension is half his (half of 35 years as a public school school teacher is his). The flawed California Court System is the blame because it allows unscrupulous behaviours to exist.
  • Finally, in 2019, Dora attempted to re-open the property settlement and get the money owed me, but the flawed California Court System with the aide of Donald, Kalinda and her lawyer, Eleni David conspired against Dora in order to block me from getting the money Donald hid from her which is potentially 10’s of million dollars. Dora hired Eleni to re-open the property settlement. As an example, Donald conveniently ignored all requests for the certificates of the Dolcimer that he supposedly “gave away”, but now it appears to have been sold. Which is it? He conveniently did this on the advise of his lawyer, Kalinda who frightened Eleni. This was one of many attempts to frighten Eleni who is a vehicle along with Kalinda of this flawed California Court System. At the San Fernando courthouse, Eleni quit a few minutes before the hearing after, Kalinda and Donald threatened Eleni with sanctions in order to not to bring Dora’s case forth. Dora was, in turn, threatened by Kalinda and Eleni and then, she quit on the spot. At that point, Dora had no lawyer because. she quit. In addition, Eleni chose to not follow the rules of “meet and confer” to work out a deal prior to the hearing. Instead, Eleni was ambushed (she had NOT prepared for the case). So, she and Kalinda forced Dora to sign a document which would stop this case from being heard by a judge, Harry Stone forever more. Eleni, because of her own negligence, committed fraud. Peter Florrick her boss even supported her against me. LA Law, Eleni David and Peter Florrick are presently being investigated for misrepresentation through the California Bar Association. There is also another case filed to receive the money they took from Dora. With lawyers taking advantage of the flawed California Court System, I hope that the California Bar Association will take the correct action.